36th Melton Mowbray Scout Group

36th Melton Mowbray Scout Group



About the Scout Section

The Scout Troop is the third section in our Scout Group, after the Beavers and Cubs and meet on a Wednesday from 7.15pm to 8.45pm.

The Core Age for the Scout Section is 10 1/2 to 14 Years Old. They can start at 10 Years Old and must leave before they are 14 1/2 Years Old

Pictured below are some of the Activities that your child will experience whilst being a member of the Scout Troop.

Melton Sports
Melton Sports

Where to get the Scout Uniform

The Scouts Uniform is available from Melton Sports, King Street on the Pedestrianised Footpath located near the Cinema. www.meltonsports.co.uk

Investiture Badges
Investiture Badges

Badges given out at your child’s investiture 

Top, Is our Group Name Tape, Left is the District Badge, Right is the County / Area / Region Badge and Bottom Left is the Membership Award

Bottom Right is the (Red) Moving On Award if your child has moved from Cubs to Scouts

Where to put Badges on the Scout Uniform
Where to put Badges on the Scout Uniform

The Scout Program / What we do

Participation rather than meeting set standards is the key approach, and there are a number of Badges and Awards that scouts can gain to recognise their Achievements.

Activity, Staged and Challenge Badges can be achieved as a whole Section working towards them on a Wednesday, or as an individual in their own time. Further information about badges and awards for the Scout section can be found here

All the Scout Badges
All the Scout Badges
Scout Badge Links
Scout Badge Links

Scouts Numbers

There is no Recommend Maximum Number for Scouts 

A Scout Troop is divided into small groups called patrols, each lead by a patrol leader, with a assistant patrol leader. Scouts are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities as part of their programme including traditional Scouting Skills, such as camping, Survival and cooking.

Current Membership:

Our Scout Troop has a good Healthy Number of Young Members. 

However if they had more regular Adult Support this would make such a difference to what they can offer the Scout Troop.

Scouts, Adult to Child Ratio’s Minimum Requirement 

Whilst meeting at Holwell Pastures Scout Campsite the ratio is a minimum of 2 Adults. 

When meeting away from Holwell Pastures Scout Campsite the Scouts ratio is 1 Adult to 12 Scouts

The Adults might choose at times if more Adult Help is needed depending on the Activity.

Young Leaders / Explorers 

Young Leader

The Young Leader Learning scheme is designed for the Explorer age Group. The age group is from 14 Years up to 18 Years Old. The “Orange Card” is Guidance for the Young Leaders to follow.

Young Leaders have 2 Options that they can…..

  • Attend both Explorers and also as a Young Leader. It’s recommended at the beginning with either the Beaver or Cub Sections
  • Attend as a Young Leader only, but would still need to be registered with a Explorer Unit


At times to meet a Scout needs for when they move on to the Explorer Section​ there is a Six Month Flexibility either way between their 14th Birthday.

Currently our Scout Group doesn’t have an Explorer Group Linked to our Scout Group

Their are however 3 District Explorer Groups in the Melton District, Based in either Melton Mowbray, Waltham or Old Dalby.

Find out what Explorers do