36th Melton Mowbray Scout Group

36th Melton Mowbray Scout Group


36th Melton Mowbray Scout Group

Welcome to our Scout Group Website

Welcome to the Website of the 36th Melton Mowbray Scout Group for all our Adult Volunteers, Families in our Scout Group and the General Public.

Scouting has a massive variety of Activities (or that one Parent Quoted “A bit of everything”) that can be offered by each section in our Scout Group. These are run by Adult Volunteers within those Sections and supported by other Adult Volunteers on our Group Trustee Board.

To Email each Section directly please use this quick link by clicking BeaversCubs or Scouts For Scout Group Enquires please Click Contact Us via the Link or on the Menu.

Reasons for your Child to Joining Scouting

New to Scouting - When your child first join’s they will have the benefit of a number of free taster nights to see if they enjoy Scouting. Most new Starters do enjoy it and then officially join via an investiture that happens anywhere between 4 to 8 Weeks after.

How will my child benefit from Scouting - Parents tell us their children benefit hugely from the adventures, fun and friendships they experience. It can help develop your child’s social skills and independence, and give them access to some amazing and memorable opportunities.

Try lots of different activities - From archery, camping, climbing, crafts, hiking, making fires plus so much more by being in Scouting gives your child the chance to get stuck into loads of different activities. Some of which they wouldn’t normally get to do.

Make new friends - Going to your Scout meetings is a chance to meet up with your mates and also make new friends. Along the way you we do lots of exciting activities together.

Have fun - Chief Scout Bear Grylls says life is about grabbing opportunities! We agree! Above everything else, Scouting is all about enjoying yourself, whatever you're doing – and there'll always be plenty to do!

Get outdoors - As a member in Scouting they get to explore the big outdoors and travel to new places and try new things. Sounds better than being stuck in the house with nothing to do, right?

Learn exciting things - Not many people know about the stars at night, how to sail a dinghy or make a sausage stew on a campfire, but you soon will! Scouting helps you learn lots of new and amazing skills – and you get to earn badges and rewards along the way.

Group Neckerchief / Identity 

All Scout Groups are identifiable by the Colour of their Group Neckerchief. We are one of five Scout Groups within the Melton District who all deliver Scouting Activities for young people to enjoy.

Pictured below are the original colours of our Scout Group from 1997 to 2017 and now showing the change to smaller half borders in 2018 which makes the Sky Blue much more noticeable when folded. (See at the bottom of the Page)

Our Group Neckerchief represents the 3rd and 6th Melton Mowbray Scout Groups. 3rd Sky Blue + Yellow Border, 6th Sky Blue + Red Border. When 1st (2000) + 5th (2018) Melton Mowbray Scout Groups Merged the Neckerchief remained the same.

Our Main Meeting Place

Pre-COVID before (March 2020) our Scout Group main meeting place was at John Ferneley College. 

Once we was able to return to Face to Face Meetings (April 2021), All three Sections at first, temporary held thier meetings at Holwell Pastures Scout Campsite. In October 2021 we decided to make this our Permanent Home. 

The Beavers + Scouts meet on a Wednesday and Cubs on a Thursday.

The Ironstone Lodge Community Building (opened in April 2019) for indoor meetings, is Split into 2 Rooms and provides heating that is warm during the Winter months. There is also a big unisex toilet block, and two large fields and concreted area for outdoor Activities. 

During the darker months additional lighting is provided in the Car Park area whilst arriving then collecting your child. Information about Arriving and Collecting can be found on the “Information for Parents” Page. 

The Campsite is owned by Melton Mowbray + District Scout Council. Please view the Campsite Website Holwell Pastures Scout Campsite

Ariel View of Holwell Patures Scout Campsite

Ariel View of Holwell Patures Scout Campsite

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