36th Melton Mowbray Scout Group

36th Melton Mowbray Scout Group




The Cub Pack is the second section in our Scout Group following on from Beavers and meet on a Thursday from 7pm to 8.30pm.

The Core Age for the Cub Section is 8 to 10 1/2 Years Old. They can start at 7 1/2 Years Old and must leave before they are 11 Years Old

Pictured below are some of the Activities that your child will experience whilst being a member of the Cub Pack.

The Cub Program / What we do

Participation and Personal Development, rather than meeting set standards, is the key approach and there are a range of badges and challenge awards that the Cubs can gain to recognise their achievements. 

Activity, Staged and Challenge Badges can be achieved as a whole Section working towards them on a Thursday, or as an individual in their own time. Further information about badges and awards for the Cub section can be found here

All the Cub Badges
All the Cub Badges
Cub Badge Links, showing how the Cub program links together
Cub Badge Links, showing how the Cub program links together

Joining Cubs

Our Cub Pack has a mixture of Beavers and New Starters join. Shown is how the Cub Section priorities new members.

1. Joining List, Any Beavers that are due to Join Cubs will join and New Starters (Preferred in Years 3 or 4) if Space is Available.

2. Waiting List, This is when any New Enquiries that are of Cub Age are unable to join because the Cub Pack is at its Maximum Number.

What your child will need on a Thursday 

The items listed below is what we ask your child to bring every Thursday. However some of these items are seasonal.


We will communicate with you in different ways by…

  • Email 
  • Cub Pack What’s App Group
  • Closed Cub Pack Facebook
  • Normal Texting


  • Please let us know before the Thursday Cub Evening (7pm) if your child cannot attend by the different ways of Communication (Above)
  • Otherwise please let us know afterwards at the earliest convenience.

Forfeiting Membership 

  • If we are told by that your child is sadly not going to attend the Cub Pack anymore, or
  • That your child doesn’t attend on 3 Consecutive Thursday Evenings without letting us know.
Melton Sports
Melton Sports

Where to get the Cub Uniform 

The Cubs Uniform is available from Melton Sports, King Street on the Pedestrianised Footpath located near the Cinema. www.meltonsports.co.uk

Cub Investiture Badges
Cub Investiture Badges

Badges given out at your Child’s Investiture 

Top, Is our Group Name TapeLeft is the District BadgeRight is the County / Area / Region Badge and Bottom Left is the Membership Award

Bottom Right is the (Yellow) Moving On Award if your child has moved from Beavers to Cubs

If your child has joined as a new member and not from Beavers we charge an additional £10 Joining Fee before your child’s investiture. Please ask your Section Leader on Information about your child’s Investiture.

Where all the Badges go on the Cub Sweatshirt
Where all the Badges go on the Cub Sweatshirt

Cubs Numbers

The Recomended Maximum Number for our Cub Pack is 32 Cubs:

Our Cub Pack Normally has anywhere between 25 to 32 Members.

A Cub Pack is usually organised into small groups called Sixes, (Blue, Green, Red, White + Yellow), each headed up by an older Cub called a Sixer, and a Seconder. Sixes can be used in a number of ways to facilitate the organisation of the Cub Pack During their time in the Pack.

Cubs, Adult to Child Ratio’s Minimum Requirement 

Whilst meeting at Holwell Pastures Scout Campsite the ratio is a minimum of 2 Adults. 

When meeting away from Holwell Pastures Scout Campsite the Cubs ratio is 1 Adult in Charge then 1 Adult to 8 Cubs 


When a Cub is 10 Years Old they move on to the Scout Section. At times to meet a Cubs needs for when they move on to Scout Section there is a Six Month Flexibility either side of the Core Leaving age of 10 1/2 Years Old. 

The Flexibility is normally due to Friends, Sharing of Lifts and Transferring with a Group of Beavers as opposed to individual.