36th Melton Mowbray Scout Group

36th Melton Mowbray Scout Group



Section Weekly Sessions

Please ensure you wait for Confirmation from the Sections Adult Volunteer Leader for what the Beavers, Cubs or Scouts are meeting each week.

This could be by an Email, Mobile Text, What’s App Group or a Closed Facebook Page.

The Dates below are based on Leicestershire Schools Term 



Holwell Lane Left turn in the distance, whilst on Scalford Road

Holwell Lane Left turn in the distance, whilst on Scalford Road

How to get to Holwell Pastures Scout Campsite

Travelling on Scalford Road heading out of Melton Mowbray, go pass John Ferneley College then straight on at the new roundabout. Carry on Scalford Road for another 1/2 Mile until you reach Holwell Lane turning on the Left (Pictured Above Right)


Please be very cautious whilst in the Campsite Car Park with Cars Arriving as people will be walking in the Car Park area. If Wet please wear suitable footwear, If Freezing and Icy Please avoid any frozen puddles. 

Be aware The Campsite Car Park Enterance and Exit are the same. Below is a suggested way for all Cars on how to Park in the Campsite Car Park


Please be very cautious whilst in the Campsite Car Park when picking up and the End as people will be walking in the Car Park area. If Wet please wear suitable footwear, If Freezing and Icy Please avoid any frozen puddles.

When you have collected your Child, Please be Cautious when driving in the Car Park, The Car Park could be very busy therefore they will be a lot of people walking to their Cars in the Car Park at the same time. 

Adult Roles in our Scout Group

Ever wondered about the Set up in Scouting ?, This is detailed information on role descriptions for the adults within our Scout Group that can be found via this Link

Please note we don’t have a Squirrel Section in our Scout Group, We would basically need to have at least 3 new Adults each week for running this Section with a maximum of 12 Squirrels.

Our Priority and focus is to currently ensure that the 3 Sections in our Scout Group have enough adults to provide Scouting Activities  

Safeguarding, Safety + Safe Scouting

Young people thrive in safe surroundings. We’re committed to ensuring that Scouting is both enjoyable and safe for everyone who takes part, along with providing parents with peace of mind. Please read the Scout Association’s Safeguarding + Safety Policies on how we safeguard the welfare of all members. All volunteers who help to run our activities give their time freely to help young people enjoy Scouting.

We also have Safe Scouting Cards for all Adults Volunteers to follow

Running Costs

Our Scout Group is a Registered Charity which needs income to support the running costs of the Scout Group. Below briefly outlines what these are. Scouting itself is very good value for money.

Income: The main Sources of Income within our Scout Group come for Term Fees, Gift Aid and the Scout Christmas Post Fundraiser.

How much do Term Fee’s cost - We collect Term Fees which can be £10 Monthly Instalments, x2 £20 Half Termly or one £40 Full Payment to whichever suits yourself.

Outgoings: The big cost is the Yearly National, Regional, County, District Membership Fee per Child.. Our other main cost is the weekly hire of our meeting place, plus other costs that include general running of our Scout Group and to support the effective running of our three Sections.

If you are interested in finding out more how our Scout Group runs we are alway open to new parents joining our Scout Group Trustee Board  that meet 3 times a year and the yearly Group AGM.

Term Fees Payments

Term Fees Payments

Nights Away Experiences, Trips + Activities 

Our Sections will also very likely offer Nights Away Experiences, Trips + Activities that would be at an additional cost. Again these are very good value for money. Weekend Nights Away Experiences cost can vary for £21 to £39 Trips + Activities can vary from £2 to £35.

How to fold a Scout Necker

Below are two videos showing examples of how to fold a Scouting Neckerchief to help yourself as a parent

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